Hollywood’s Biggest Stars And Their Bodyguards

Hollywood’s Biggest Stars And Their Bodyguards

Hollywood’s Biggest Stars And Their Bodyguards

Although we can’t say for certain, we’re sure Hollywood bodyguards must go through the same training and hands-on exercises that are expected out of Navy Seals. We are dealing with the protection of national interests after all – celebrities! Just like in war, ruthless environments involving dozens of paparazzi and thousands of adoring (and sometimes creepy) fans require the best of the best in professional protection to keep the hottest stars of Hollywood safe and sound. Sure, some of these celebs must have hand-to-hand training from film roles or muscles developed through professional sports, but these celeb bodyguards are here to protect the celebrities when they’re unable able to protect themselves.

Kylie Jenner & Tim Chung

Tim Chung seems to be involved with the entire Kardashian-Jenner family. Once previously a bodyguard for Kim, Tim has become a bodyguard for the young and powerful Kylie. These days, however, Tim is spending more time as the main focus of photographs in the fashion industry/runway than as a bodyguard. 

Ezra Miller & Gu Rubee

The handsome Gu Rubee seems to match the eclectic nature of actor Ezra Miller in more ways than one. Both are respected for their colorful personalities and fashion-forward appearance. Still, don’t mistake self-care for weakness.

Daniel Radcliffe & “Sam”

Without his wand, Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe doesn’t look as threatening. Thankfully, that’s where his bodyguard Sam comes in. Details on Sam are scant but we know by his looks, height, and stature that he’s one tough muggle.

Heidi Klum & Martin Kirsten

For years, tough guy Martin Kirsten has had the honor of protecting Heidi Klum and her four children. Often photographed holding hands and smiling with Klum family members, Kirsten still commands the respect of paparazzi near and far.

Beyonce & Julius De Boer

Leave it to Beyonce to find one of the most well-qualified bodyguards out there: Julius De Boer. Julius not only founded his own personal bodyguard company – offices found in New York, London, and Abu-Dhabi – he can speak five languages as well. No matter where in the world Beyonce may find herself, she is certainly protected by Julius and company.

Adele & Peter Van Der Veen

In 2005, former Dutch Policeman Peter Van Der Veen was named “Mister Europe” in a famous European bodybuilding contest. With his looks and physicality, it comes as no surprise that he’s become a bodyguard for the likes of Adele and Lady Gaga.

Fergie & Pascal Duvier

From protecting members of the Kardashian-Jenner crew to pop star Katy Perry, bodyguard Pascal Duvier now offers his services to pop singer Fergie. With knowledge in Judo, Fergie is not afraid to use the strength and protection of Duvier to push through crowds in the midst of her offstage performances.

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