Jen Atkin

Exclusive: See Kardashian Hairstylist Jen Atkin’s Redesigned Office! (PHOTOS)


Jen Atkin

Celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin is beloved by stars like Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry and the Kardashian/Jenner sisters (who take her everywhere!) for her glamorous and timeless designs. And now she has the office to match.

With the help of designer Mat Sanders of Consort Design, and items from the home decor site, Atkins revamped the office space where she handles her three businesses – Ouai Haircare, Mane University and – and manages her long list of A-list clients.

“[My goal was] to create a chic, warm and inviting space that reflected my brand’s aesthetic,” Atkin tells PEOPLE.

Jen Atkin

Along with Sanders, Atkin looked for pieces that were modern and updated, but still had classic sophistication.

“I love mixing and matching different design styles to create something unique,” Atkin says. “My home is filled with different pieces from my husband and my travels worldwide, and I love to create a chic, warm and inviting atmosphere in both my home and office.”

Atkin’s favorite space is now the wood-paneled conference room, which Sanders complimented with bright accents.

Jen Atkin

“We had to work with the warm wood paneling that already existed, and we wanted to add some dimension,” Sanders explains. “So we chose a nice, light gray [for the ceiling] which is calming and serene while adding a sense of depth to the space.”

“For the furniture, we definitely went with a high contrast concept. The conference table is a beautiful, oval high-gloss white and we paired that with some modern black oak chairs.”“I love the ‘conference’ room!” Atkin says. “I’m literally in there all the time and the space is so fab compared to the traditional idea of a conference room. The round table makes the small room seem inviting.”

Sanders, on the other hand, favors the mirrored coffee table in the main workspace.

Jen Atkin

“It’s a nice play with the deco details that already exist, and it makes the space feel funky-fresh,” he says.

For the rest of office, Sanders sought out highly functional furniture.

“We chose simple white desks that can be easily moved around depending on the needs of the staffing,” he says. “The workspace should feel inspiring, and people should want to come to you.”

Atkin’s main priority was organization.

Jen Atkin

“I’m literally OCD when it comes to my office,” she says. “Because my schedule is so busy, I need a space that is clean and organized so I don’t waste my time trying to find things. Organization is the key to my chaos.”

But she has one other big requirement for her space – it has to be social media ready.

Jen Atkin

“I love everything in its place and worthy of a snap.”

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